I'm engrossed in Colin Field's The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris (particularly since the English version arrived and I no longer have to struggle with my rusty French), and I think I'll share a few more of his wonderful concoctions with you.

When Wes saw this recipe he was horrified. "It's the exact same ingredients as the Footloose!" he cried. Well, not quite. The raspberry vodka is home-infused; the Footloose calls for Stoli Razberi. The proportions are completely different. And there is no Peychaud's Bitters in it, which is a major flavor component of the Footloose, what triggers that drink's alchemy and makes it so unique.

Wes was also alarmed that Colin created this drink four months before Wes created the Footloose. I think he can rest easy. They're completely different drinks, and this is only further proof that great minds think alike.

The City
(Bar Hemingway, Ritz Paris, 19 May 2000)

8/10 raspberry vodka (see yesterday's recipe)
1/10 fresh squeezed lime juice
1/10 Cointreau

Shake with cracked ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
No garnish.

You could substitute Stolichnaya Razberi for the homemade
raspberry infusion, but it wouldn't be nearly as pretty.

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