As of this writing, the day's weigh-in (I've been on WeightWatchers, and started at a frightening 198 lbs.) came in at 176 (whoo, 22 pounds down!); I seem to have settled in comfortably to the two-pounds-per-week safe weight loss rate. Tonight my points reset, and I want a drink when I get home. I want a nice, big, pungent, spicy rye, but I do want it tempered with a little bit of sweetness.

As ever, CocktailDB came to my rescue with an interesting idea. I like cocktails with a good apricot brandy (I use Marie Brizard Apry), and instead of curaçao I'll use Cointreau, as it's somewhat drier. It tasted good in my head when I did a mental mix; tonight we'll see how it really tastes.

Evans Cocktail

2 ounces rye whiskey.
1/4 ounce apricot brandy.
1/4 ounce orange curaçao or Cointreau.

Stir and strain, garnish with a stemless cherry.

I'll have to see whether or not this cries out for a a dash of bitters of some kind, but my gut tells me it does. Although I know it wasn't named for him, in my head I name this cocktail for my old high school classmate Randy Evans, who has run for Louisiana State Senate several times but unfortunately never won. As a self-described "social progressive and fiscal conservative", he might well be the only Republican I'd ever consider voting for, given the opportunity. :-)


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