This one was strictly therapeutic, but fortunately it tasted really good too. This one's right out of the annals of Irish medicine, with one little touch added by meself. It didn't exactly cure what ailed me, but it soothed the soul, spirit, nose and tummy.

Hot Irish Whiskey Toddy

1-1/2 ounces Irish whiskey.
6 ounces extremely hot tea (Irish blend preferred).
1 tablespoon honey.
2 cloves.
1 cinnamon stick.

Prepare your tea and pot according to the standard method
(which you should already know by now), adding two cloves per
cup to the pot. Add the whiskey to the mug, then the honey
and cinnamon stick. When your tea is brewed (5 minute steep
in the pot is grand), add to the mugs and stir thoroughly,
leaving the cinnamon stick inside to steep.

Ehh, feck what I said earlier ... it will cure what ails ya.

I feel better already.


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