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Cooking Schools (Professional and Tourist-Oriented)

The Culinary Institute of New Orleans: the first world-class professional cooking school in New Orleans, under the direction of Connie Schafer, Kathy Tujague and Chef Mark Uddo. Complete professional culinary training in a two-year program, emphasizing old and new, classical, worldwide and local cuisines. Classes for interested lay people should be available soon. The Institute also owns the fine restaurant The Chef's Table on its premises, staffed by students and professional chefs.

The New Orleans Cooking Experience: Offering half-day classes, series classes and luxury cooking school vacations featuring traditional Creole recipes taught by noted New Orleans chefs. Celebrate the exotic culture that has inspired musicians, writers and artists. And, of course, learn the secrets and history of New Orleans' famous food and culture.

The New Orleans School of Cooking, founded in 1980 to teach basic Creole dishes to tourists and locals alike. (I've takes classes there myself; lots of fun.)

Cookin' Cajun Cooking School. Located in New Orleans' Riverwalk, a tourist-oriented school that also sells Creole & Cajun food products at their shop and online.

Chef Patrick Mould's Louisiana School of Cooking is in beautiful St. Martinville, in the heart of Acadiana. This award-winning chef and his staff now offer a wide variety of classes geared toward teaching the masses about the joys of Louisiana's Cajun and Creole cooking.

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