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I'm Chuck, and this is my personal web site that's gotten out way of hand over the years. It's a huge, labyrinthine and delightfully overgrown compendium of knowledge about New Orleans and Louisiana cuisine and culture, and lots of other fun and fabulous stuff; dedicated to the enjoyment of great food, drink and music, and to the preservation of New Orleans culture.

When you're visiting New Orleans and southern Louisiana, remember these things:

1. You don't need a full 8 hours of sleep a night -- there's too much fun to be had to waste it sleeping.

2. In Louisiana alcohol, butter, cream and big piles of fried seafood are still good for you.



Looka!: A weblog* featuring musings on cocktails, food, music, New Orleans culture and much more.
(* Or "blog," if you insist. I'm old school and still say "weblog." I'm not a fan of the word "blog," which was originally coined as a joke.)

The Creole & Cajun Recipe Page: Woild-famous! Fo' true!

What to do in New Orleans: Our favorite places to go, things to do and other essential information.
OUTDATED! 2013 update in progress!

Cocktails: an index of 350+ new, classic and original cocktails. there's much fine drinking to be done here.

Photography on my Flickr photostream.

My old radio shows: "Down Home" (KCSN, 1998-2008) and "Gumbo" (KCRW, 1988-1998). A little compendium of my 20 years in L.A. public radio.

The Non-Commercial Radio List: A (fairly) comprehensive listing of non-commercial, community and public radio stations in North America and beyond.

My antique radio collection. Modest, but cool.

"Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans": A 4-cd box set celebrating the joy and diversity of the New Orleans music scene. Produced, compiled and annotated by Chuck Taggart (hey, that's me!), with liner notes by Mary Herczog (former author of Frommer's New Orleans) and myself. Released by Shout! Factory.

Bands: My old Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt pages. (Also, don't miss Factory Belt, the world's most exhaustive Uncle Tupelo fan site.)

Store: My online shop featuring my picks for books, cocktail tools and more, via amazon.com

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