Postcard, the Uncle Tupelo/Wilco/Jay Farrar mailing list, was founded by Jake Roberts, and is currently owned and managed by Dave Dewey <>. The list not only focuses on UT and its spinoffs (Jeff's new band Wilco and Jay's new band, Son Volt), but touches on many other related bands in the indie/alternative country, country-rock and country-punk genres -- bands referred to as "Rural contemporary" or "Insurgent country", such as Bottle Rockets, Palace Brothers, Ithaca Gin, Blue Mountain, Freakwater, etc. There is now a separate list called Passenger Side that is solely devoted to these bands.

Here's the most recent information from Dave on subscribing to the list, and other list administrivia:

To subscribe, put this line in the body of a message:

subscribe postcard

for example,

subscribe postcard

and send it to:

Upon subscribing, you'll get a welcome message with important list admin information.

Most importantly, to post to the list, send your message to:

Dave also has a web page set up with a simple form to automate the process:

Some commands that may be of interest --

All server commands should be placed in the text of the message.


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